Jobs after Peace Corps Service: Your Ultimate Guide

Can Peace Corps help your job search? Sorta. It depends on your field of interest, your location, your experience before Peace Corps, and how well you can communicate your service to potential employers. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to increase your odds of getting hired after service. 1. Look in the Right Places Non-profits … More Jobs after Peace Corps Service: Your Ultimate Guide

Malaria Month Wrap-Up

April was Malaria Month in Peace Corps, and it was awesome. Our Health Committee came up with a million fun activities to do in our community to promote malaria awareness. Even though we live in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania and have very few mosquito neighbors, malaria education is still important. People might move or … More Malaria Month Wrap-Up

Swahili Sayings

For the last entry of the Blogging Challenge, it’s time to look at some common Swahili sayings. If you use any of these sayings while visiting Tanzania, your hosts will love you. Haraka haraka, haina baraka Literal: Quick quick, there is no blessing. Figurative: Slow and steady wins the race. Usage: When you want a … More Swahili Sayings

Medically Separated

by Christina As of June 1, 2018, I will no longer be a Peace Corps Volunteer. I’m being medically separated for a condition that took longer than 45 days to resolve. It’s not serious, it’s not life-altering, and it’s not an exotic virus that’s going to wipe out America. At least that what’s the worm … More Medically Separated

Memorable Moments

For week 9 of the Blogging Challenge, here’s a big list of my favorite moments with Tanzanians. Some are good, some are bad, and all of them have stood out to me over the past 15 months in country. When I asked my counterpart to gather villagers for a malaria lesson and he brought a … More Memorable Moments

Childhood in Tanzania

This week’s blogging challenge is “Details.” I wanted to zoom in on something that’s fascinated me since arrival: Childhood in Tanzania. Pre-birth: In SoHi, pregnancy is a secret. Whenever I’ve brought it up to neighbors or counterparts, they laugh at me and change the subject. Birth: According to Mama Deo, the next village over has … More Childhood in Tanzania