Lying to a Nun

Our first day in Njombe Town, Christina greeted a local nun with “Shikamoo” or “I respect you, elder.” The nun’s face lit up with a beautiful smile when she heard this. She stopped to chat with Christina and introduced herself as Sister Elvera. Tanzanians are generally friendlier towards foreigners than most Americans. It’s not unusual … More Lying to a Nun

HGTZ: Kitchen Remodel, Tanzanian Style

Throughout his service, Christopher will share photos and comments on construction methods in Tanzania. Join him as he discusses huts, skyscrapers, and everything in between during his HGTZ: Homes and Gardens of Tanzania posts.  In Tanzania, late-night snacks have a different meaning. Detached kitchens keep the smoke from charcoal jikos away from living areas. You’ll need to … More HGTZ: Kitchen Remodel, Tanzanian Style