C2 Tanzania

First and foremost, thank you for checking out our blog! We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve in the Peace Corps, as it has been a longtime dream for both of us.

We are Christina Schneider and Christopher Wake, a married couple serving in Tanzania. We have been together since 2012, and both of us are dedicated to serving our global community for the rest of our lives. The purpose of this blog is to meet the highlight our experiences while educating others about Tanzania’s rich culture. We want to meet the Peace Corps’ Third Goal: To help promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.

Why the Peace Corps? – Christopher


I grew up in a large, loving family in rural Indiana. Once I graduated college, I took part in an internship at the Indiana General Assembly, the highlight of which was meeting the incredibly intelligent woman I am married to today. As an adult, I have spent a cumulative seven years in non-profit youth work. I am confident that my time in in-need communities will enrich my experience as an Agriculture Volunteer in Tanzania.

I had considered the Peace Corps briefly in college, but I did not really commit to the idea until Christina brought it up early in our relationship. She told me that she had wanted to join since she was young and that couples could serve together. After researching Peace Corps service and reading excerpts from memoirs, I developed a strong desire to serve.

Why the Peace Corps? – Christina


My childhood was spent in Louisville, Kentucky. I spent a few years working and going to college before moving to Indianapolis for my internship with the Indiana General Assembly. I grew disillusioned with politics as a vehicle for change and more committed to a career in international development. I also surprised everyone I knew by falling in love with someone after years of committed spinsterhood. I spent a few years as a program evaluator at my university while earning my Master’s in Public Health (MPH) with a concentration in Social and Behavioral Sciences. I also volunteered as a Health Educator at a non-profit fitness center and worked the front desk at a free clinic.

As a teenager, I participated in a humanitourism trip in Guatemala. While there, I met a fellow American who was serving with the Peace Corps. I absolutely admired her. When she told me about the Peace Corps’ work, I knew that I had to be a part of it, too. Years of reading memoirs and blogs helped maintain my enthusiasm, and now I’m finally joining!

Together to the Corps.

We have both been fortunate to have a life partner with a strong desire to serve abroad. However, there are a few disadvantages to applying as a couple. Posts that fit both people are hard to find, language immersion is often more difficult, and the long-term goals of each individual are often different. There are advantages too, the greatest being that we each have the direct love and support of our best friend. There will be many challenges ahead, and we look forward to sharing Tanzania’s stories, people, and culture with you through this blog.

Kwa Heri!

-Christopher and Christina